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 5 Year Milestone

5 Year Milestone

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(May 3, 2017) – To commemorate its five-year anniversary, XTECH, the fastest-growing maker of lightweight and durable protective pads, worked with well-known artist Troy Cole, better known as “Kickasso,” to create a special set of custom shoulder pads reflecting the brand’s meteoric growth. The official unveiling is this week can be seen here

Kickasso, who has reached Instagram Fame by becoming the go-to artist for pro athletes and custom cleats/sneakers embarked on a two-month creative experience to showcase the road XTECH has taken as a disruptor in a business that has seen few changes in almost 30 years. The result, especially as interest has grown virally in the last 18 months, has been an astounding growth in new client business of all levels, with an expanded line of football shoulder pads and accessories coming this fall.

“Our journey in the use of our proprietary technology to keep athletes safe has been quite unique, especially in the last 18 months as the company has seen rapid growth, expansion and national media recognition, and this custom pad project symbolizes the people who have helped and the places we have been, with more to come,” said cofounder Bob Broderick. “The inbound requests we get from athletes and coaches wanting to know more has really been astounding, and myself and my partner Ted Monica are certainly grateful and look forward to continuing to grow and expand our business on all levels.”

“This project was a great challenge. I’m thankful that Bob and XTECH trusted me to tell their story. I call it the ‘Roadmap To Success.’ Once I saw how really protective the pads are and how much the players love them I knew I had to be a part of this awesome project,” said Troy “Kickasso,” Cole.

The company’s designers and partners—industry leaders in the field of plastics and foam safety gear—use their cutting edge, patented technology to design pads which enhance performance while optimizing safety. That is how XTECH Pads, through an exclusive partnership with XRD Foam, can provide unmatched protection while being lightweight, breathable, flexible, water-resistant and comfortable for players from the pee-wees to the pros.

To date, XTECH pads are now worn by 27 NFL Teams, seven CFL teams, over 225 NCAA Football Programs and a growing number of over 100 High School programs nationwide, NONE OF WHOM ARE COMMERCIAL ENDORSERS OF THE PRODUCT. The list also includes no less than 27 players in the first three rounds of the just completed NFL Draft, including Ryan Anderson of The University of Alabama, the second round pick of the Washington Redskins.

“Rogers is proud to be partnered with XTECH products with XRD Impact technology. XTECH’s understanding of the players performance needs, unique design, and use of the most innovative materials are keys to the success of XTECH and their growing relationships with Football teams across the Nation. XTECH’s knowledge of the XRD technology and ability to translate that into the best performing products for the Elite Football athlete is unmatched. Congratulations to XTECH for the first 5 years and to continued success” added Chris Shadday, VP & GM of XRD, a Brand of Rogers Corporation and the exclusive provider of XTECH’s protective padding foam.

The Kickasso design is reflective of XTECH’s drive and mission in becoming the most requested protective pads for football in the country in the past 18 months. The pads, which are 100% American Made with final custom work and assembly done at the company’s warehouse in East Hanover, New Jersey, outlines the road trips we’ve made across the country, highlights logos of organizations and teams that have recently purchased and use XTECH from elite high schools to high level college, programs as well as a growing number of CFL and NFL teams, and specific nonpaid advocates of the technology, ranging from stars like Mohamed Sanu of the Atlanta Falcons and Damon Harrison of the New York Giants.


In 2012 XTECH Protective Equipment set out to develop the best protective gear on the market. The company has incorporated feedback from customers who used XTECH gear to maximize protectiveness and usability. The XTECH Pads team also includes renowned trauma surgeon Dr. Maurizio Miglietta. The former director of the NYU School of Medicine and the Bellevue Trauma Center serves as XTECH’s medical director. In the first quarter of 2017, 27 NFL Teams, over 225 NCAA Football Programs and a growing number of over 100 High School programs nationwide are using XTECH protective equipment. The company is headquartered in East Hanover, New Jersey, and is all American made.